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Want to know the #1 rated hostel in the United States in 2015? Look no further than HK Austin in the heart of Austin, TX.

How do you feel about hostels? What comes to your mind when you think of hostels?

Well today you'll get to hear all about hostels from the owner of HK Austin, Brent Underwood. He's an entrepreneur, budget traveler, and has helped create and execute online marketing campaigns for some of the biggest book launches in the world.

Please welcome Brent to the Zero to Travel Podcast!

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Listen Now to Learn:

  • How to create lasting memories from each trip you take
  • The endlessly fascinating part of travel
  • The best advice to meet different people from around the world
  • Common myths associated with Hostels
  • How to create vivid travel memories (with people you just met!)
  • The best way to find for a hostel (that is right for you)
  • Top 3 must haves for every traveler staying at a hostel
  • Most rewarding parts of owning a hostel
  • Advice for solo travelers (expected and understood on the hostel trail)
  • One of the most addictive parts of solo travel

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