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Have you heard of DNX Global?

If you are a digital nomad or aspire to be one, you need to check it out. You'll learn how more and more people are earning a living from their laptop; on the fly while they are traveling. It is an incredible way to roam and be free, but it also means you travel with a lot of responsibilities (and there are many challenges to the digital nomad lifestyle).

I connect with my buddy Fred Perrotta from Tortuga backpacks (in Lisbon!) to give you the down low on the digital nomad conference (DNX Global). You'll hear all about:

  • The current digital nomad scene
  • The various stages of being a digital nomad
  • What the digital nomad experience is like on the ground
  • What are the hot businesses right now

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Tune In To Learn:

  • Who attends DNX Global
  • Why meeting in person creates momentum
  • How to get into the digital nomad bubble
  • Why digital nomads are all about collaboration and partnership
  • How to use entrepreneurship as a tool to get the life you want


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