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Have you ever thought of being an au pair?

Do you think you need the perfect travel job?

Tune in today as travel jobs month'll learn what it's like to be an au pair and some strategies and thoughts around getting a travel job.

My guest has been living in Norway (for almost 2 years) as an au pair and is looking to stay after her contract is over. It was super cool that she came to meet me in Oslo for our interview.

Au Pair Caroline Harkins meets with Jason Moore at a coffee shop in Oslo, Norway

Please welcome Caroline Harkins to the show!

You'll Learn:

  • What you get out of the au pair experience
  • Qualifications to become an au pair
  • How to increase your confidence significantly
  • Great advice to any prospective home stay family
  • How to create a social life in a new country
  • Ways you can visit places tourists don't go
  • One thing that can be a stepping stone to a longer life abroad
  • What it's like being a mini-ambassador for your home country
  • How to change your perspective and get a broader experience in how the world works


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