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Are you ready to shred America?

Is it better to do a lot of research or no research at all when you get into an adventure?

You've heard me cover a lot of modes of transportation on this podcast....from walking around the world, to bike touring, horseback riding and more, but this is a first..

My guest today traveled 950 miles from Chicago to New York on his skateboard with a group of 3 other 20 year old's (back in 2008).  And he has just released a film about the journey called Shred America.

Shred America

Please welcome Michael Kosciesza to the show. He'll give you the scoop on:

  • The overall adventure
  • What it’s like to experience America by long-distance skateboarding
  • Travel film-making
  • And much more

Tune In To Learn:

  • One key to make an adventure really happen
  • What forces you to reflect on everything
  • How to create a unique and authentic film
  • The advantages of the old school way of traveling
  • The biggest life lesson from Shred America
  • Where you sleep when skateboarding across America


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