Zero To Travel Podcast

How can you make your location dependent career (or job) location independent?

Plus, what is your favorite city activity?

In today's episode you'll get the answers to these questions plus get some insight on the following:

  • Are entrepreneurs born or bred?
  • Can anyone work for themselves?
  • How do you structure and pitch remote work agreements?
  • What is the value of not working while you travel?

And who better to give you these insights than my friend and Business Coach Emily Utter. She helps adventurous entrepreneurs get clarity around what type of business to run from the road. And then gives them an actionable plan to fuse that with the flexibility and freedom we need as travelers.  Check out Emily's work here.

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to design your business to support your lifestyle
  • The very powerful first question to always ask (mindset advice)
  • How to find creative approaches to every business
  • Recommendations for aligning with your priorities
  • How to straddle travel and business in a healthy way
  • How to overcome the biggest struggle for entrepreneurs
  • How to get over the 'fraud syndrome' when becoming a coach
  • The first steps to take to become a coach
  • General rates for Business coaches
  • And much more!

Resources Mentioned:

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