Zero To Travel Podcast

Have you ever thought about living a nomad life?

What makes someone live a nomad life?

Today's guest shares with you his unique perspectives around travel and living life on the road full time. He's been living the nomad life for the last five years!

Please welcome my friend Gary from NOMADS - a life of cheap/free travel.

Today he'll share the following:

  • How he has has spent no money while traveling through Scandinavia (notoriously one of the most expensive areas of the world)
  • What he feels makes travel important to growth
  • Hitchhiking stories and lessons
  • An exciting traveler’s community and exchange platform that you may not have heard of...
  • And loads more!

Listen Now to Learn:

  • How to get a different impression of the world and the human beings that exist in it
  • How to challenge fears and change preconceived ideas about people
  • The true beauty of hitchhiking
  • How to contribute more to others and the world/community as a whole
  • Why reality is different than what you read in newspapers or see on tv
  • One of the greatest educations you can have
  • Ways to find food and shelter while traveling (without money)
  • The truth about what a nomad life is really like


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