Zero To Travel Podcast

What are your travel New Year's resolutions?

Want to hear my favorite New Year's resolution for travelers?

It’s the ONLY 7 words you need to travel this year. Tune in to hear how you can go anywhere you want to go (this year)!

Plus, you'll hear a unique take on location independence, language learning, travel, and so much more.

My friend and co-founder of Live Lingua, Ray Blakney, stops by to share his journey, experiences, and insights to helping others.

If you want to learn a language or are in the process of learning, you've got to check out the world's first total immersion school online- Live Lingua.

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How to really love what you are doing
  • Ways to find serendipity on multiple levels
  • How to get involved in the Peace Corps
  • What to do to get a happiness advantage
  • Ways that Live Lingua gives back
  • The key to learning every language
  • How to decrease your workload (from 8 hours a day to 1 hour a day!)
  • Ways to pick your business idea
  • Where to find the rainbow mountains
  • One of the best places to go right now
  • And much more!




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