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Have you heard about Jasmine Reese and her dog Fiji?

Back in 2013 she took her puppy and her violin on a bicycle tour across the United States with less than $50 in her pocket.

She was, in her words, a “chubby city girl, trying to regain self-confidence and recapture the person she thought she’d lost.”

Learn more about her travels and music at Fijapaw.

You'll hear how Jasmine has gained a renewed faith in humanity while experiencing profound acts of kindness from strangers, and how she reshaped both her body and her mind.

Learn how your attitude defines your action and how you can create a life of travel.

Tune In To Learn:

  • How to use your internal power
  • Ways to get out of your rut
  • How to start planning a bicycle tour across the USA
  • Where to stay when traveling by bicycle (with your pet)
  • What do you eat while on the road
  • Why the journey is more important than the destination
  • Practical tips for saving money (and creating money)
  • Pros and Cons of riding 12 hours a day
  • The smart way to hitchhike
  • And so much more

Only $50 And A Dream: Biking Across The USA Solo With Zero Experience with Jasmine Reese


Pink Eye Lament with Zen Ben:

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