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What is the long-term travel yo-yo and how can it enhance your life?

Today you get a special visit from a fellow travel podcaster, Jackie Nourse.  She runs The Budget Minded Traveler and you can find her adventures in travel and life at Traveling Jackie. She stops by to share:

  • The value of solo travel
  • How your mode of transportation changes the travel experience
  • Going from settling to nomad and nomad to settling
  • How she built her life around travel and tips on how you can do it too

Tune In To Learn:

  • The best mindset for adventure travel
  • What forces you to reflect on big life questions
  • How to be comfortable and embrace the long term travel lifestyle
  • Ways to stay true to who you are
  • How solo travel expedites your reflection process
  • How to create the best content
  • And so much more!


Featured image courtesy of @travelingjackie

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