Zero To Travel Podcast

Is travel insurance worth it?

Anything can happen anywhere at anytime....

Tune in today to hear how the unsexy topic of travel insurance can be fun, exciting, and even entertaining.

You'll hear from former reporter and current travel junkie Phil Sylvester. He's head of content at World Nomads- an online travel company that provides specialized travel insurance and travel safety services for independent, volunteer, and student travelers in more than 150 countries!

Get a FREE Travel Insurance quote from my favorite Travel Insurance company- World Nomads.

Welcome to Travel Insurance 101!!

Listen Now to Learn:

  • Why you should be a 'fan' of travel insurance
  • Who needs travel insurance and why
  • What things aren't covered
  • What's covered in regards to trip cancellation, trip interruption, and missed connections
  • What is covered in regards to property
  • Best practices for documenting what you have (to make claims easier)
  • What is covered for medical
  • What obscure adventure activities aren’t covered (World Nomads insurance covers over 200!)
  • Why it's a good idea to keep your insurance in your home country
  • The real reason you get travel insurance
  • How long before a trip you should buy insurance
  • And much more!


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