Zero To Travel Podcast

What is one awesome thing about travel that gives you personal peace?

Today you are going to get a wide ranging interview where you'll hear a bunch of important themes for all

  • Identity and Perception
  • What it’s like to take on a leadership role
  • And of course plenty of travel talk

My guest is the founder and editor of the largest western Muslim friendly travel blog where she helps Muslims explore the world without breaking the bank, offers advice on halal travel, gives some Muslim friendly destinations, and so much more. Please welcome Elena Nikolova to the show....and be sure to check out her work here.

Remember that “Even a smile is charity"....

Tune In Now To Learn:

  • What can break down barriers and bring people together
  • How to become a better person
  • Cool things about Islam
  • Why it's important to be flexible while traveling
  • How pain can make you stronger
  • Why you need human interaction sometimes
  • The Achilles heel for the experienced traveler
  • Travel tips to bring excitement and smiles (to you and others)


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