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How can you break into the multi-billion dollar Airbnb business?

Today Zeona McIntyre stops by to share how you can earn money while you travel the world....even if you don’t live anywhere and you don’t own any real estate whatsoever!

Zeona has been to 44 countries and she spends half of each year traveling the world using a variety of travel tactics, but the main one is Airbnb. She owns five properties, manages 20 properties, and teaches others how to invest in properties (with Airbnb in mind) to create automated businesses.

She suggests keeping an open mind about everything to create a life of long term travel.

Tune In To Learn:

  • How co-hosting is creating hugely abundant opportunities to manage
  • Why you need to do extensive research before investing in a property
  • How to take advantage of different markets without owning a place
  • Ways to get started with co-hosting (to manage from anywhere in the world)
  • How much you can earn in a month co-hosting with Airbnb
  • What you can leverage to automate the process
  • How working 5-10 hours a week could replace your job
  • How to create an income while you are out of your house (traveling the world)
  • And so much more


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