Zero To Travel Podcast

Can YOU retire early and travel the world?

What does it really take to retire early?

Today you’re going to hear a totally different approach that might forever change the way you think about your work, your finances, and how travel ties in with that....

And today's show is kind of a big deal- you'll hear from Anita Dhake who retired in her 30's (yes, her 30's!) and enjoys traveling the world! Anita is known online as ‘Thrifty Girl’ and she is here to share some advice on early retirement, the lifestyle around that, and how you can start taking steps today to make it happen.

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Tune In To Learn:

  • How to create motivation to retire early
  • Ways to 'UP' your gratitude level
  • How to overcome the biggest obstacle (that people don't realize)
  • Why you need to "spend thoughtfully" to create happiness
  • How much you really need to sacrifice (to retire early)
  • Actionable steps towards early retirement
  • How to get excited about tracking your expenses and budgeting
  • Ways to put relationships first
  • How to go out and do stuff in the world every day
  • One essential item for your health (as a nomad)
  • Travel recommendations (from someone who has been to 52 countries and counting!)
  • And much more!


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