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What is a Nomad Capitalist?

Well, who better to learn from than “The Nomad Capitalist” himself, Andrew Henderson.

Andrew has become an expert at operating businesses around the world, managing overseas bank accounts, real estate, and even securing 2nd passports and citizenship's for himself and his clients.

He helps you keep more of your money by finding the best countries in the world to LEGALLY move your businesses for tax reductions, immigration, and investments.

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Listen Now To Learn:

  • Why geography is no longer a limiting factor
  • How you can exponentially improve your living situation
  • Can you legally live, bank and work in countries around the world
  • The best countries to go to if you’re considering escaping yours
  • Ways to become a citizen of the world
  • Four ways to get a passport
  • How to avoid paying heavy taxes in a country you no longer live
  • Is it possible to travel the world with bank accounts all in different countries (think Jason Bourne)
  • The best advice for average digital nomad
  • Legal ways to put money offshore and avoid taxes (in an ethical way)
  • And much more!


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