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Have you ever thought about how the world sees America?

Do you feel like you are representing not just yourself, but your entire country while you are traveling abroad?

Plus, how does the world perceive America and Americans?

You'll hear the answers to these questions and more from René Zografos. He's a best-selling Norwegian-Greek author and veteran journalist. His book, Attractive Unattractive Americans: How The World Sees America, reveals world insights about 'American perception' from thousands of interviews.

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Listen in to Learn:

  • How perception can change (before, during, and after travel)
  • Why you are really a mini-ambassador for your country when you travel
  • Is Houston, TX a good place for your first American adventure?
  • How to get a 're-appreciation' for your home country
  • The best ways to understand and appreciate new cultures and places
  • Suggestions for Americans who want to start traveling
  • What the world admires about the people in America
  • How the 'American Dream' is more about happiness than money
  • Reality vs illusion of chasing your dreams in America
  • How to do something you love everyday
  • How to spot American tourists vs seasoned travelers
  • And much more!


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How the World Sees America

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