Zero To Travel Podcast

"Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource"
-Tony Robbins

What is the ultimate resource for extending your travels?

Today you'll hear all about about:

  • Utilizing your resources
  • Long term travel
  • The Best places in the World to work
  • The Location Independence scene
  • And much more!

And you get the privilege to learn from Stu Jones- a bloke from down under who has been traveling and living the location independent lifestyle for the last 18 years! He is the founder of Coworkation- running co-working trips to inspiring places around the world for current and budding location independent entrepreneurs.

Listen Now to Learn:

  • One of the most beautiful things about travel
  • How to make Location Independence sustainable
  • How to set up your Location Independent Lifestyle
  • What gives you an excuse to travel to a place you love
  • Why it's way less risky to bet on yourself
  • How to supercharge your business and work to the next level
  • The main benefits of the Location Independent Lifestyle
  • How to find out if the digital nomad lifestyle is for you


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