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What does experimental travel mean to you?

Whether it is where you can go, or how you can travel, the experiments are up to you! And it can open up many new ideas around travel- awesome.

And how does music impact your travel experience?

It's something that can immediately change your state and connect you with anyone in the world.

Today you'll hear from Fil Corbitt, musician and experimental travel extraordinaire. He's the creator, producer, and host of a podcast called Van Sounds (listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts). It's a show that combines travel, music, and storytelling! Does it get any better than that?

Listen Now To Learn:

  • How rolling the dice can take you in any direction
  • Ways to create your own adventure
  • How to balance living a travel experience vs capturing it
  • The best way to be present
  • One of the main reasons to travel
  • Easy ways to incorporate characters into your story
  • What changes pieces of your travel experience
  • How to immediately change your state (wherever you are)
  • Ways to become a well rounded person
  • How to break the layers of separation
  • And so much more!

Experimental Travel and Music


Experimental Travel and Music

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