Zero To Travel Podcast

What do you think about dating and travel?

And how does love work if you are a digital nomad?

In today's episode, you'll hear from the Founder of Nomad Soulmates – an online dating app for remote workers and location independent individuals.

Please welcome Aline Dahmen to the show! She breaks down what the dating scene is like out there in nomad land, plus how to handle love on the road.

Aline- Dating and Travel

And if you're NOT single don’t worry, you'll hear helpful tips for both singles and couples alike:

  • Bringing your next business to life
  • What it’s like to build an app
  • Dating ideas for travelers
  • And much more!

Tune In Now To Learn:

  • The best way to learn everything about someone (in a short period of time)
  • How to open hidden doors
  • Why it is important to start with community
  • Ways to get your first clients
  • How being conscious and intentional makes the right people appear
  • Why everyone is going to Bali
  • How to meet (and connect) with people who are aligned with your vision/mission
  • Why you are forced to make a quick decision
  • Challenges of taking a nomad romance into the “real world”
  • The double effect of offline meetings


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