Zero To Travel Podcast

Is it possible to create a life of travel in a single day?

Today Michelle Dale stops by to share how she did it and gives some tips on how you can do it too! Back in 2005, Michelle had what she describes as “an epiphany” that her life wasn’t how she wanted it to be. So, in a single day she quit her job, listed her property for sale, and purchased a one way ticket out of her home country (she was only 23 years old!).

That was the beginning of her new life as a nomad – and the start of her business, Virtual Miss Friday where she provides business operations solutions to digital entrepreneurs, among other things.

You'll hear her advice on how to transition to full time travel and a life abroad, her top lifestyle business tips, travel advice, and much more.

Tune In To Learn:

  • Why you have nothing to lose
  • How to get support from community
  • Ways to let your intuition guide you
  • How to look at the good in any situation
  • How to run a lifestyle business (before, during, and after pregnancy)
  • Awesome outreach tips (to get people's attention)
  • Biggest mistakes you should avoid in regards to a lifestyle business
  • Tips on how to get things done when you are not around
  • The best thing about commitment


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