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What is a couplepreneur? And how do they make business, travel, and relationships work?!

Should couples that travel together and friends that travel together also go into business together?

Definitely something to ponder. Today you'll hear all about couplepreneur conundrums from Nick and Gen over at The Great Anomaly.

They are full time nomadic couplepreneurs running multiple 6 figure businesses from all over the world (while they travel!). They’ve made it their mission to help other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and freedom seekers put travel back at the top of their to do list, and get their partner on board to create a life of adventure!

Listen Now to Learn:

  • The main things to consider when traveling as a couple
  • How to realize when you are location independent
  • Best advice for couplepreneurs just starting out
  • Why outsourcing is a key to success
  • How to determine boundaries within couples and business
  • How to manage zones of friction
  • How to work through 'worst case' scenarios
  • How couplepreneurs stay balanced
  • And much more!


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