Zero To Travel Podcast

How can budget travel support and enhance your travel experience?

What is the top strategy for long term travel success?

Today you'll hear all about extreme budget travel from my buddy Matt Derrick.

He is the founder of Squat the Planet, the largest social network for misfit travelers. And he is the author of the new book, The Anarchists Guide to Travel- A manual for future hitchhikers, hobos, and other misfit wanderers.

Budget travel makes life interesting and fun in so many ways.

Tune In Now To Learn:

  • How to remove all travel costs if possible
  • Ways to experience life from a different perspective
  • How you can broaden your horizons
  • Why it's good to be open minded and accepting of others
  • How to find ways to support yourself
  • The best ways to stay safe when squatting
  • One way to save money for your next travels
  • Best tips when dealing with the police
  • How to connect with people at a street level
  • Best tactics for shopping for gear
  • And so much more


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