Zero To Travel Podcast

What happens when a life of travel becomes your new reality?

In this episode of the Zero To Travel Podcast, you'll hear all about:

  • What "reality" is like before and after travel
  • How to incorporate your loved ones into your travels
  • An amazing cycling adventure through Europe with Carla (and her famous friend)
  • And much more!

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Listen in to Learn:

  • What it's like to quit your job and sell all your stuff
  • The least expensive way to see the world
  • How to push forward when things go wrong (on the first day!)
  • How to go from a 9x5 job to a travel adventure
  • One of the best ways to bring your pet along
  • The realities of being a solo female traveler
  • Why you don't always have to plan everything
  • How to inspire others
  • How to transition to travel (and take the first step towards Location Independence!)
  • How to deal with post-travel "reality"


Check out some shots of Carla and Cezar cycling across Europe!

Carla and Cezar


Carla and Cezar

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