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Have you seen the Biciclown around the world?

What is the one thing about travel that never ceases to amaze you?

Tune in to learn what travel can reveal about yourself, others, and the world. Plus, you'll gain some wisdom from a gentleman who lives his life on the road- Álvaro Neil (aka Biciclown).

Álvaro quit his job as a lawyer and left (in 2004) his home town in Spain to tour the world on a bicycle. He arrived in England after cycling through 114 countries, and stayed with Emma who is a host on Warm Showers; a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists. Emma recorded this interview with Álvaro, the Biciclown in early August 2017, near the end of his world tour, which he will finish back in his Spanish home town on November 19th (after exactly 13 years on the road!).

Álvaro is also a clown, an author, and a documentary filmmaker. Through his project, ‘Miles of Smiles Around the World’ he performs clown shows to people in need.

Today You'll Learn:

  • Why travel by bicycle
  • The worst thing about traveling by bicycle
  • How to easily communicate with others
  • Why there is no real reason to quit
  • How not to get help in North America
  • One of the best things about being on the road
  • How the Biciclown manages karma in his life
  • The three most important keys to life
  • How to make a business about life on the road


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