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How can being honest kick start a new life of travel?

My guests today are co-authors of the new National Geographic Book, Atlas of Beer: A Globe-Trotting Journey Through the World of Beer.

Please welcome Nancy Hoalst-Pullen and Mark W. Patterson to the show!

They are here to talk beer and travel – two of my favorite topics.

And even if you don’t enjoy any suds, you are going to hear about a bunch of other topics, like:

  • How this particular National Geographic book evolved
  • How beer can shape a place
  • The 4 ingredients of travel

Warning, this show might make you thirsty…

Tune In To Learn:

  • How to get an explorers grant to go drink beer around the world
  • The responsibilities of a beer Jefe
  • What can change the whole dynamic of an area
  • Arguably the most popular beer you can find
  • Highlights of some of the most interesting breweries in the world
  • Incredibly important point that is overlooked by beer judges (and beer lovers in general)
  • Why it is best to create your own opinions and your own favorites
  • How to participate in the Beer It Forward program
  • What can help you start planning trips
  • How to embody human creativity and perseverance in 12 ounces


Atlas Of Beer: The Crossroads Of Beer and Travel It’s a sign!…Outside of a bar in Oslo

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