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Why is it so important to consider alternatives in travel and life?

Today my friend Blake Boles stops by share his insights into alternative education and adventures. Blake has a mission to help people discover self-directed learning and helps them blaze their own trails through life, including the option to build a life around travel if you so desire.

One of the ways he accomplishes this is as the director of Unschool Adventures- Trips and Programs for Self-Directed Young Adults.

Listen today to gain a better understanding not only about organized self-directed learning, but also what approaches you can take in your travels so you can learn more than you ever thought was possible (about yourself and the world!).

Alternative Education and Travel With Blake Boles

You'll hear all about:

  • Reshaping the world of education
  • Alternative education
  • Travel as a tool for self-growth
  • The transient lifestyle (being nomadic)
  • Using thought experiments to redesign your life around travel
  • Taking the traditional path to get to the non-traditional path
  • The argument around why not to go to college (and what you could do instead with that money)
  • And so much more!


Alternative Education and Travel With Blake Boles

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