Zero To Travel Podcast

How do your expectations around a trip affect the trip itself?

Tune in to hear about expectations, plus you'll get a travel box of chocolates.

My guest today is the founder of The Strange and New where she aims to “cut the bs out of travel." She is also an editor for Matador and she is here to discuss a potpourri of travel topics.

Please welcome Jacqueline Kehoe to the show. Let's dive in!

You'll Learn:

  • How to have the time of your life (and meet your best friends ever)
  • Why staying in one place can actually be traveling
  • Can you have Travel A.D.D
  • One of the best motivators out there
  • How to find yourself through travel
  • Ways to carry your happiness with you
  • How to document travel (so you don't go overboard)
  • How to get your soul chords vibrating
  • And so much more!


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