Zero To Travel Podcast

How are you spicing up your next trip?

Are you ready for an authentic food quest?

Tune in today to hear 5 ways to add another exciting layer to your next travel experience....something a little extra.

Plus, you'll hear about one of my favorite parts of travel – Food! My guests today traded in their corporate jobs in 2015 to eat their way around the world. They recently published their first book, Authentic Food Quest Argentina: A Guide To Eat Your Way Authentically Through Argentina.

Rosemary and Claire are on a mission to transform traveler’s experiences through the discovery and knowledge of authentic food. They took a 6 month food journey starting in South America and then headed to Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Peru!

Get ready for a special treat and some mouth watering fun!

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Listen To Learn:

  • How to build your best trip
  • How to live the life you truly want
  • Why passion is key to starting a business
  • Why being open to change (and evolving) can make all the difference
  • The real process of transition to travel
  • The best ways to create sustainable living
  • How to make a business work for the long term (don't think about plan B)
  • Daily life of the Authentic Food Quest
  • The 4 steps to find “Authentic” food experiences
  • How to unite around food
  • The best way to shape your entire travel experience
  • The "dream meals" of Rosemary and Claire
  • And much more!


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