Zero To Travel Podcast

Ready for some more road trippin'?

Buckle up for Part Two of 32 Reasons Why Road Trips Rule!

What are your reasons why road trips rule?

Let's hit the open road and have some fun!

My biz partner, good buddy, and host of Extra Pack of Peanuts, Travis Sherry stops by again to discuss our top 8 reasons why road trips rule.

Can you guess the number one reason?

Tune in now to learn the reasons road trips rule:

  • Where you get to sleep
  • Getting happy
  • Goofiness with other road trippers
  • New potentials
  • Connecting with others
  • What sparks imagination and wanderlust
  • Getting into a Zen-like state
  • How to feel alive
  • Fun and games
  • Flexibility for authenticity
  • And many more reasons!


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