Zero To Travel Podcast

How has travel been intertwined in your life?

Are you ready for more travel lessons?

Tune in today for Part Two of 20 Lessons From 20 Years of Travel. So grateful to have had so many travel experiences and blessed to share some travel nuggets with you; hope they help you create a satisfying life.

Plus, the tables are turned and you'll finally hear my answer to the question: "Why does travel matter?"

Let's get into it.

You'll Learn:

  • Ways to cross all cultural boundaries
  • One thing that can open up a lot of travel
  • How to add up savings (wherever you go)
  • The ultimate packing tip
  • The truth of happiness
  • How to "find yourself" through travel
  • How to free your mind to choose your life
  • The biggest opportunities for personal growth
  • Ways to amplify your appreciation for everything
  • Why you should follow your heart


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