Zero To Travel Podcast

Do you want to make next year your best travel year ever?

Ever wonder the best way to pack for a trip?

Well, today you'll hear a simple strategy to make your travel dreams become a reality. Plus, you'll get all kinds of practical, core, awesome travel advice centered around packing.

My buddy and packing expert Fred Perrotta (from Tortuga backpacks) is in the house today! Get ready to hear some expert packing tips in our Top 14 Ninja Packing Moves.

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Tune In To Learn:

  • Why not to worry about "just in case" stuff
  • How to pull off an inspector gadget trick when carrying-on
  • The true amount of time to pack for (no matter how long your trip)
  • The benefit of "leave behinds"
  • What to wear on the flight (instead of putting it in your bag)
  • Where to pack your shoes
  • The best fabrics to wear
  • How to maximize a day pack when getting on a plane
  • How a stuff sack can save your stuff
  • And much more!


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